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How to potty train a stubborn toddler

There is nothing worse than fighting a losing battle with a stubborn toddler--especially when it involves the potty.  Kids that have hit the three-year-old mark can be the MOST difficult to potty train because they know they can win when it comes to their body. So, how’s a mama supposed to beat [...]

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My three-year-old isn’t Potty Trained and I’m Crapping my Pants

I know I’m not alone, ya’ll: I can see you out there shaking in your big girl panties. Your kiddo is pushing three and you’re thinking about what the heck you’re going to do when the preschool says your little stinker is going to spend a few extra months in the two-year-old [...]

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To the annoying middle schooler messin’ with my 8-year-old: I’m about to jack you up

My son is huge. Like Shaquille O’Neal huge—seriously. Who knows if he’ll keep up this ridiculous growth pace, but when you’re wearing men’s shoes by age 7, you’re bound to be on the beastly side. But as with all great gifts, there are challenges for a second grade giant. For example, take playing [...]

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A Valentine’s Box for Dudes

Forget those cheesy Valentine's boxes and show 'em how you really feel about love: it stinks, yo! Rock a potty mail box and flush those love notes down the drain. Click edit button to change this text.

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