Why is my kid’s POOP GREEN?

Ever wonder why that stinky diaper looks like a leprechaun has been on the loose? Well, there is usually a reason behind the occasional GREEN POOP. If you've found a little green surprise, here are three reasons you might have been so lucky: It's just a case of diarrhea. We all know there are [...]

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My three-year-old isn’t Potty Trained and I’m Crapping my Pants

I know I’m not alone, ya’ll: I can see you out there shaking in your big girl panties. Your kiddo is pushing three and you’re thinking about what the heck you’re going to do when the preschool says your little stinker is going to spend a few extra months in the two-year-old [...]

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They See Me Rollin’

Toddlers see me rollin' and know diapers are about to rollout! No more ridin' dirty in your house! What shenanigans is your Potty Rocker up to? Maybe he's rolled the bathroom? Left some of his magical rainbow poop around the house? Drawn on your potty? Regardless, let the Potty Rocker take on the [...]

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You Can Lead a Kid to the Potty, But You Can’t Make Him Go

"You can lead a kid to the potty, but you can't make him go." Let's face it, your timetable for ditching diapers and your kiddo's timetable for rocking the potty were never created to be in sync. He was swaddled the second he was born. Since day one, you've been doing the wiping and for most [...]

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Move Over Golden Snitch; There’s a Golden Poop Tattoo In Town

Yes, to all our fellow Harry Potty fans our there, we know the Golden Snitch was coveted and Harry was the master. Consider us the the masters of Bathroom Battles and Celebrations - that you can become a Master of too. All you need to do to score own the magical prowess of the Golden [...]

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I Wipe My Kids’ Butts And I Cannot Lie

Okay, people: I'm not the only one who needs to make this naughty confession, so all you wipers out there better be fessin' up. Many of us do it, and quite frankly, we should be wiping those stinky behinds. I know most preschools want kids cleaning themselves by age three, and to their [...]

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