Valentines Poop Pops: The Cutest Valentines Treat For Kids

  Want to make a super easy Valentine's treat? Follow these simple steps to make a Valentine's Poop Pop using Starbust candies and decorating icing. STEP ONE: Gather your supplies Here's all you need: Pink and Red Starbursts/Lollipop Sticks/Red and White Decorating Icing STEP TWO: Microwave Three Starbursts It only takes about 7 seconds to [...]

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How to decide when to potty train

If there’s one thing about potty training that will make or break the experience, it’s making sure that your toddler is ready. According to Dr. Joseph Barone, a pediatric urologist who analyzed years potty training research going back to the 1930's, there is no “magic” age for potty training. Instead, he explains [...]

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This Rainbow Poop Will End Your Potty Training Stress

If you've ever gone nose-to-nose with a headstrong toddler, you know what it's like to throw in the towel. No one plans to surrender to a tot-sized opponent weighing in at 27 pounds, but crap happens. Lucky for you, potty training doesn't have to be a loosing battle because we know a dude who's undefeated [...]

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What to do when your toddler is too busy to potty

Your kid’s got places to go and things to see, Mom.  If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes watching them play, you know they have the attention span of a fly and they can empty a toy basket faster than your wine bottle on a Friday night. Of course, there’s no time in [...]

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What To Do When Your Toddler Is Scared To Potty

Haven’t you heard? There’s a monster in your potty---or so says your toddler. It’s hard to empathize with a little dude who thinks the toilet is going to suck him down the drain, but the struggle is real, yo. As parents, our instincts tell us to show them how it’s no big [...]

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The Potty Training Secret Every New Mom Needs To Know

Every smart mom knows potty training is stinky business--that’s why they don’t do it. But when you’re on child number one, that’s easier said than done. You need them to rock those undies--heaven knows all your friends’ kids are, and your little stinker is going to get the boot from preschool if [...]

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5 Reasons Your Toddler Won’t Potty Train

We smell ya, Mama: your kiddo isn't potty trained and that STINKS.  You're up to your ears in diapers and beginning to think you'll be wiping butts for eternity. Maybe your toddler has decided that peeing in the potty is cool, but they're still clinging to those diapers when it’s time to poop. [...]

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How to potty train a stubborn toddler

There is nothing worse than fighting a losing battle with a stubborn toddler--especially when it involves the potty.  Kids that have hit the three-year-old mark can be the MOST difficult to potty train because they know they can win when it comes to their body. So, how’s a mama supposed to beat [...]

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To the annoying middle schooler messin’ with my 8-year-old: I’m about to jack you up

My son is huge. Like Shaquille O’Neal huge—seriously. Who knows if he’ll keep up this ridiculous growth pace, but when you’re wearing men’s shoes by age 7, you’re bound to be on the beastly side. But as with all great gifts, there are challenges for a second grade giant. For example, take playing [...]

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A Valentine’s Box for Dudes

Forget those cheesy Valentine's boxes and show 'em how you really feel about love: it stinks, yo! Rock a potty mail box and flush those love notes down the drain. Click edit button to change this text.

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