There is nothing worse than fighting a losing battle with a stubborn toddler–especially when it involves the potty.  Kids that have hit the three-year-old mark can be the MOST difficult to potty train because they know they can win when it comes to their body. So, how’s a mama supposed to beat them? Well, you gotta play smarter–not harder.

Your secret battle strategy must involve a third party: if your kid thinks you’re the one who wants him to potty, you’ll lose every time. But, when there’s a super-awesome and hysterical friend in the bathroom, it’s a game changer. Here’s how we outsmart those little know-it-alls:

  • Instead of letting on that you want them to use the potty, let them meet The Potty Rocker. When they see his hysterical stunts in his washable children’s book, they’ll laugh out loud!
  • After they’ve gotten to know The Potty Rocker, all you have to do is stage a bathroom visit by rolling the bathroom with toilet paper and leaving your Potty Rocker figurine in the middle of the mess. When the kids see it, they can’t believe he’s come to life and they’ll be waiting to see what he’ll do next.
  • Now that they’re eagerly awaiting another visit from The Potty Rocker, you’re set! When they’re asking when he’s going to return, just say, “He says he can’t come back until you _______ on the potty…” Even if it’s just getting them to sit on the potty, that’s a start. Keep it easy in the beginning, then gradually let “The Potty Rocker” ask them to land something of their own in the toilet bowl!

So, if you’re stuck in the ring with a head-strong toddler, don’t throw in the towel! You just need to enlist the services of The Potty Rocker and let him do your dirty work.

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