Being a PreK teacher meant my laugh lines started early in life. I think we can all agree that at any moment a toddler can bring to the table a whole lotta laughter in their honesty. The humor wasn’t the best part of working with kiddos for years, but it was a perk (Sidenote: Potty training throngs of youngsters was not a perk – clearly The Potty Rocker hadn’t made his presence known in the world yet).

People used to shudder at the environment within which I taught. The teachers wore whistles around our necks and we practiced drive-by shooting drills with the children. You hear the whistle, you drop and cover your head. There were two shootings while my children and myself were on the playground. Play never stopped. Gunshots were a norm. I stood frozen in my tracks. The windows in my classroom were shot out more times than I can count and you get a fired up Mama Bear when you leave shards of glass in my classroom library. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

That said, my children and their families became my family. Their lives were my life and I was welcomed onto the front porches and living rooms of their homes like a BFF. It made their humor my laughter and I found a new found affinity for sidewalk hangoutsĀ and the art of talking to the beat of the rhythm of the song in the background. Laughter was the best and it filled the air.

I’ll never forget one of my little guys sat outside rolling a dump truck back and forth. Back and forth. As I watched I heard him jamming out to one of my favorite rap times at the song. While he moved his truck along its imaginary path, there is was, the three-year-old making the best text-to-world connection in the history of connections. It was, “I dump like a truck, truck, truck. Guys like what, what, what? Let me sing it again!! Oh, I dump like a truck, truck, truck.” There it was folks. He sees a dump truck and makes the connection.

I imagine you thought I’d take this whole, “dumps like a truck” in a different direction, but that’s the beauty of having worked with young children for so long. Like them, you never know what to expect from a teacher. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves and we can dump the humor on you at any moment.