Potty humor soothes the soul.

The Potty Rocker™ was born from our experiences with kids and our belief in some good ole potty humor to soothe the soul – especially during life’s stinky moments. We also have several things in common: We’ve been rockin’ potties since the early 80’s, we love kiddos, we have PhD’s in Education, we think laughter is key and play is the root of all happiness. Oh, we also quit our jobs as college professors (subsequently getting a tattoo and a nose ring) to live out our lifelong dreams of playing potty. We believe that providing a dash of play, a slice of magic, and a giant load of laughter can turn any frown upsidedown. Through these frowns and stinky times, we met our new BFF (Bathroom Friend Forever): The Potty Rocker™.


Find a way to laugh.

Nicole’s son (now 6) was a tiger to potty train–seriously, it would have been easier to train a litter of puppies. Since most preschools require children to be potty trained before they can progress to the three-year-old class, she was terrified he might spend another year with two-year-olds. But what could she do with a kid who was happy to sit in pile of poop and thought it was hysterical to relieve himself on the floor? It wasn’t until she quit trying so hard to “train” and found a way to relax and laugh, that he finally licked the diapers. It was a time of unwarranted stress—honestly, if you’ve been blessed with a healthy child, they’re not going to be pooping their pants when they head to high school!


Stop worrying, please!

Lydia was tossed into the potty training bowl her first year teaching pre-K. She was prepared for all the serious stuff: child development, literacy, assessment….but when twenty-one toddlers thought peeing and pooping in their pants was the norm, she needed Potty Training 101. A degree in Human Ecology doesn’t help when dozens of eyes stare at you with wet drawers. What’s a girl to do? Well, she did it all wrong. She worried, they worried. Worry, worry, worry. She made charts and gave treats and stuck stickers galore, but those accidents rolled in and her sanity rolled out – that is until one beautiful day in March when a sneaky leprechaun left some green food coloring in the toilet. This was her pot of gold! Never before had children been so enamored to be near the potty, let alone use it. Fear and frustration instantly turned to fun and freedom! A little magic, a lot of laughter and play turned everything around. Her lil’ stinkers rocked the potty from that day on!

So, listen here grown ups…Follow The Potty Rocker’s lead: stop worrying and have fun!

Laugh with us and rock the potty!