Drop it in the potty, watch it dissolve, and give it a flush!

Of course kids’ favorite part about The Potty Rocker is that he poops rainbows in the potty, so snag some of his flushable Rainbow Poop and drop it in the toilet. The look on your toddler’s face will be priceless when she thinks The Potty Rocker came to visit! And hey, it always helps when you can tell her that The Potty Rocker can’t come back until she lands something in the potty herself.

Shout out to all the big kids: we smell ya! You’re never too old for potty humor and rainbow poop, so grab a bag and use it to prank yo’ homies. Nobody’s judging.

SPECIFICS: Each bag contains 10 pieces of flushable Rainbow Poop. Potty Rocker poop is non-toxic, but it contains egg whites and is a choking hazard. Please remember: eating poop is nasty, so keep it out yo’ mouth!