They See Me Rollin’

Toddlers see me rollin' and know diapers are about to rollout! No more ridin' dirty in your house! What shenanigans is your Potty Rocker up to? Maybe he's rolled the bathroom? Left some of his magical rainbow poop around the house? Drawn on your potty? Regardless, let the Potty Rocker take on the [...]

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I Dump Like a Truck

Being a PreK teacher meant my laugh lines started early in life. I think we can all agree that at any moment a toddler can bring to the table a whole lotta laughter in their honesty. The humor wasn't the best part of working with kiddos for years, but it was a perk (Sidenote: Potty [...]

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You Can Lead a Kid to the Potty, But You Can’t Make Him Go

"You can lead a kid to the potty, but you can't make him go." Let's face it, your timetable for ditching diapers and your kiddo's timetable for rocking the potty were never created to be in sync. He was swaddled the second he was born. Since day one, you've been doing the wiping and for most [...]

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