Potty training stinks, but playing in the bathroom rocks.

Our Family Play Kit includes everything parents need to show their children how to potty by playing in the bathroom. We know you’re busy and stressed, so we give you everything you need to get the play started with minimal effort. It’s fail-proof, yo.

Of course the kids’ favorite part is when The Potty Rocker poops rainbow in the toilet, so you’ll get five pieces of flushable Rainbow Poop. Just drop it in the toilet and show your little stinker how it’s done–and it’s always helpful to tell them that The Potty Rocker can’t poop again until they try it themselves.

Rainbow Poop is just one of many ways to play in the bathroom. Each kit includes multiple items to getcha playin’:

-Washable children’s book

-Bathroom-proof Potty Rocker figurine

-Toilet-safe dry erase marker

-Six Potty Rocker temporary tattoos

-Potty Rocker bathroom doorknob hanger

-Toilet paper tube craft activity