Every smart mom knows potty training is stinky business–that’s why they don’t do it.

But when you’re on child number one, that’s easier said than done. You need them to rock those undies–heaven knows all your friends’ kids are, and your little stinker is going to get the boot from preschool if they aren’t potty trained by their third birthday.

When it’s time to potty train our beloved first-borns, we try everything in the books: boot camps, going commando, and we better get it done in three days or the world’s gonna end. And despite our sweat and tears, the diapers prevail. What’s up with that?

After we battle our way to the potty, things are different the second time around. We live and we learn, huh?

Here’s the secret: moms who’ve been around the block know that playing in the bathroom is the only way to get toddlers out of diapers without losing their minds.

So, how do they do it? Well, it’s simple: they call on The Potty Rocker.

One of the most common reasons our toddlers cling to their diapers is because they know we want them to use the potty. Yes, your sweet little sugar boo is smart enough to beat you in a battle for control over their body. In fact, they know this is probably the only power struggle they can win every time. That’s why they can never find out that you want them to use the potty–if they do, you’ll lose every time.

This is why The Potty Rocker wins every time: he asks your toddler to potty, not you.

When your kiddo sees him step out the restroom sign in his washable children’s book, they can’t stop giggling at his silly bathroom stunts–especially his Rainbow Poop! Then, when you sneak into the bathroom and bring him to life, they’re hooked. 

Of course, The Potty Rocker’s non-toxic, flushable Rainbow Poop is the key. Even grown-ups can’t help but laugh when they see it, and when toddlers find a piece in their toilet, they’re racing to the bathroom to see what he’ll do next.

Will he roll the bathroom? Doodle on the toilet lid? Fill the sink with bubbles? Leave his Rainbow Poop in the potty? Oh, the suspense!!

Once they’re eagerly awaiting his next visit, you’ve won! Now you can let The Potty Rocker ask your kiddo to give it a try–and trust us, they’re much more likely to do it for him, than for you.

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