Haven’t you heard? There’s a monster in your potty—or so says your toddler. It’s hard to empathize with a little dude who thinks the toilet is going to suck him down the drain, but the struggle is real, yo. As parents, our instincts tell us to show them how it’s no big deal when we use the potty, but that doesn’t always ease their irrational fears. Sometimes, we need to call for reinforcements.

Here’s how we use The Potty Rocker to calm those fears and conquer the potty monsters:

  • Put The Potty Rocker On Guard

    Help your little stinkers mark their territory by letting The Potty Rocker stand guard over the toilet. Just sit him on top of the tank and let him keep all those monsters away!

  • Decorate the Potty

    Transform the potty into something awesome by breaking out those dry erase markers. Leave love notes, jokes, or turn the seat into silly cartoon faces. You can’t mess it up because porcelain is washable and anything is better than a boring white tank of water.

  • Make Diaper Ghosts

    Get really creative and show them diapers are scary, not potties. Add some creepy ghost faces and let the diapers do the haunting–BOO!

Maybe your kiddo isn’t the only one horrified of the potty–we all know what it’s like to think about potty training, and then chicken out after the first accident. Potty training stinks, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you do it with The Potty Rocker. Our play kits make it easier…and dare we say, FUN!!

Now, stop shaking in your britches and get the potty ROCKING!!