Your kid’s got places to go and things to see, Mom.  If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes watching them play, you know they have the attention span of a fly and they can empty a toy basket faster than your wine bottle on a Friday night. Of course, there’s no time in their busy schedules for the potty and the few times they can fit it in, they ain’t sticking around long enough to land anything worth a flush.

When toddlers are learning to recognize what it “feels” like when their body needs to go, frequenting the potty is a MUST. When you can catch them early and they can release it in the potty instead of in their pants, you’re making serious progress. The problem is if you don’t keep it fun, they’ll find more important things to do.

If the potty is currently on your toddler’s waiting list, you’ve got to step up your game to grab their attention long enough to remind them that it’s time to go! The Potty Rocker has a few tricks up his sleeve to move toilet time to the top of your kiddo’s to-do list:

1. Dance to the Potty

Break out the stopwatch on your cell-phone and set a timer for every 15-20 minutes. When it goes off, dance your way to the potty and let your toddler follow. If you hold back, they will too, so you better be ready to bust a move.

2. Help The Potty Rocker Flush.

Try leaving some Rainbow Poop in the toilet and tell them The Potty Rocker needs help flushing. While they’re in the bathroom, sit them on the potty and let them read the book. That should keep them still for at least a minute or two.

3. Play Hide & Seek.

Try some simple games like hide and seek in the bathroom. No, you don’t have to hide behind the toilet–just let your Potty Rocker figurine do the hiding. Then, your kiddo can use an empty toilet paper roll to spot their crazy blue friend.