Ever wonder why that stinky diaper looks like a leprechaun has been on the loose? Well, there is usually a reason behind the occasional GREEN POOP.

If you’ve found a little green surprise, here are three reasons you might have been so lucky:

  1. It’s just a case of diarrhea. We all know there are things that upset a toddler’s tummy. When poop doesn’t spend enough time in the digestive tract, it can’t reach its healthy brown hue. An upset stomach sends waste flying through the intestines and can lead to a green case of the squirts. Yuck! 
  2. It’s a dietary thing. There’s just something about those leafy green vegetables and poop: what goes in green, sometimes comes out green. Is your kiddo chowing on broccoli, kale, green beans, turnips, or collards? If so, then you know what’s up. Foods that contain lots of artificial colors can also be the culprits. From personal experience, we’ve noticed blue sports drinks and slushies can bring on a mad case of green poop. Also, don’t forget that certain medicines and antibiotics can affect stool color.
  3. Colon issues. Rarely, frequent green stools can indicate an underlying health issue like an infection or bacteria in the digestive tract. If your child is battling more than the occasional green poop, it’s worth a trip to the pediatrician.

So, there you have it: THREE reasons your kid’s poop is green. It happens to the best of us and as long as it’s not a daily occurrence, everything’s probably cool 🙂