“You can lead a kid to the potty, but you can’t make him go.” Let’s face it, your timetable for ditching diapers and your kiddo’s timetable for rocking the potty were never created to be in sync. He was swaddled the second he was born. Since day one, you’ve been doing the wiping and for most kiddos, that’s just fine.

So no, you’re not bad at parenting. No, you’re not failing when it comes to potty training. If you worried one of these things, yes, you’re stress out too much and need to chillax. There is no space for anxiety in your life. Seriously, let it go!

The Golden Rule to getting your kiddo out of the potty is to let them lead. Seriously, if you’re looking for the perfect time to potty training and wonder the exact perfect day, you’re not going to find that chiseled in stone – because it doesn’t exist. Duh. The right answer all depends on your little stinker’s interest and ability. Who knows, you may have a bone-a-fide potty prodigy on your hands who rocks the potty at 11 months old (and if that’s you reading this, um, cheers to you Dad!)! You may have a little one who literally puts diapers on herself and will run from the potty. Or, you may be somewhere in between! Regardless, here are a few questions you can ask yourself when thinking about bringing The Potty Rocker into your home and ditching diapers:

  • Does my kiddo recognize when he needs to use the bathroom?
  • Does my child ask to use the toilet?
  • Does my child understand the purpose of a toilet (you’d be surprised)?
  • Have I modeled language about when, and what to do when, nature calls?
  • Has my child shown an interest in using the potty?

If you answered yes to these, you’re one step closer to leading your kiddo to the potty. Now, whether he goes is up to him, but there are sure-fire ways to get him loving the bathroom and rocking the potty. The clear way to do it to introduce The Potty Rocker. That, Mamas and Daddies, is (in our opinion) the most important step of them all.